Thursday, October 6, 2011

On Double Bind Problems

I wonder if an educated tackle is but a mere tactic or a strategy in alliance.
Allies and alley cats in the cities of the earth is one big problem for the po-lice.
Is their a grammatical error a logical error or a rhetorical error in of alliance?
And to whom are we allied to or did you not notice lied is inside of allied as rust in trust?

Thus it is so with epistemological equivalence via Hume's fork cutting the is/ought gap.
Tack goes hunting early in the morning and I believe that what he said is true.
I have not observed tack going hunting yet I trust him since he said what he meant to say.
If he did not go hunting but just said it to make up a story what was the point of saying it?

We therefore know that tack is a hunter of animals and enjoys early morning walks.
If he says he is and he did not do what he says he did and does, that makes him a liar.
But what about the feelings of the animal rights activists who deny him the right to hunt?
Is the local hamburger store or butcher shop to be denied the right to sell meat?

So one man's right infringes on another mans right we have mountain and valley men.
Mountain men love mountain women and valley men love valley women near shall the twain meet.
On one side the hunters or roamers and on the other the agrarian or border culture.
Since Cain met able no body has found a solution to that problem it is a mystery.

Thus nomadic culture verses reality culture one free to roam the commons the other not.
No matter what each party says there is only ever going to be a limited quantity of stock.
Since their is a limited area of land that is able to support only a limited amount of stock.
So the question then becomes who is willing to share and learn to use less or is it war?

There you have the problem articulated as a double bind a damned if you do or not.
Catch 22 case scenario and a bullet in the head for daring to question the authorities.
Decision to send their wifes and their personal children into the valley of death.
Where they will fear no evil coz they believe that god is on their side old shooter.


P.S. And people believe that I am mad when the whole lot of them are proved to be at fault. Mad as cut snakes in the sense of angry at the lot drawn the short straw that it is them who feel they are a victim who have been criminalised and convicted because they disagree with the mob's rules. See now what I mean by a double bind?


PeatantiCs said...

Point 1 = Nominal Equivalence in that cat and mat are meaning conventions.
Point 2 = The is definite and on means "IS INCLUDED OVER OR NOT UNDER NOR BESIDE"
Point 3 = Epistimologically the observer merely saw a drawing of a cat or a synthetic representation of a cat not the cat in itself.
Point 4 = Surrealistic in that only a representation of the mat and cat were observed.
Referances = The Treachery of Images, Wikipedia

PeatantiCs said...

Originally Posted by drjasoncampbell the various conceptual takes on a philosophical classic...

PeatantiCs said...

Point 5 I have one bullett point left in my sixshooter.
Point 6 Do for your others as you would like them to do for you.
Referances: Not out of ammo, rat a tat tat I have a digital camera.

On the other side of the coin is the problem of synonyms.
Or words that are eqivalent in meaning but of different phonetic composition.
Batchelor is equivalent to Un or not married yet or divorced or other words "The man has no wife"
The domain of gender is brought onto the table with the suffix "ette" or "ess" batchelorette or batcheloresse.
So sailor or sailorette room with a view for fifty cents.

That such a phenomena exists metaphysically is the gap that ought to be bridged.
The word in itself is never the thing as it is in real life, only ever is it an agreement.
Between members of a society/culture as to that object/subject which is referred too.
Epistimologically I beleive it is known as the explanatory gap and the word is "QUALYA"
I seek to remind Dennett the Daniel in the lions den that is his quality of life good?
In his academic chair yes if sacked no quality of life.

Poor old batchelor with no hun no fun.
Looks like the mat hid the cat under it.
Next to that is bones eating up dogs.
Nouns are verbal in the sense of see.
Chair exists as a complement to its maker.

I do not need to apologise for this drive by shooting.
The claims are as robust and immutable as gold.