Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Mr Politician

Definition:- The probability that a product will meet engineering specifications at the end of its production run for the term of its expected lifetime.

So they say that which I have said. One well may fashion a blueprint and then cause the product to be manufactured during a period of time, to deterministically specified or apriori standards. But then each unit must be within tolerance and to do that repeatedly and consistently requires robots that do not wear out and never malfunction: which is impossible.

Concentration on the job as a worker is more often than not distracted by their personal social situation. The worker brings home to work and then work to home. When things are not good at home things are not good at work and vice versa. So we deal here with a form of circularity. A circular reference in fact. All workers are proud of their work, no, some workers are proud of their work, yes. It is one thing to draw up a plan it is entirely another thing to put that plan into production.

Then we must deal with the problem of quality of life for each individual worker in the process. What if the architect of the plans had a bad hair day and the plan was made wrong? Garbage IN and Garbage OUT.

When the act of production can give at a minimum 1 defective product out of 100 who is the one who receives that lemon? What about a refund or a replacement. The previous statement according to rules of probability is a sigma just short of 4. So roughly speaking 5 gives a yield of 1 in 1000 defective or outside tolerance limits and 6 a yields of 1 in 10,000, 7 gives 1 in 100,000 etc etc etc. So all we do is deal with probable likelihood that the product will work when turned on. But then for how long and how many times will it turn on and off?

Thus we have the engineer's claim "IF SOMETHING CAN GO WRONG IT WILL"

Thus we have the managers claim "A PERSON RISES TO THEIR LEVEL OF INCOMPETENCE"

Thus we have the educators claim "DO NOT MULTIPLY ENTITIES UNLESS IT IS NECESSARY"

Speak to that please Mr Newt Gingrich in relation to the purposes of our divine creator for a kingdom that will not be brought to ruin.

Yours Fathfully

Go in PEaCe

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