Friday, October 7, 2011

take care loose chainsaw

Up with a chainsaw cut down to size chip chip chip of the rip
off the old block off fed to rats with wing a ding a ding dings
tarred and feathered in a show for their clueless clucking klan
before an angry burning beam his plan of attack guns misfired

sticky notes can't break my bones nor any poplar tree or joker
can never ever strike a man who chooses to stand his ground
over matters of light from lasers and the use we found for them
to stand a photon on its head in a bose einstein condensation.

identity and that, therefore is no mention in books of the dead
poets societies from which the living ones have been excluded
by refererances constitutional legislations passed by cats so fat
feeding on the misery of others while they lie in the sun so burnt

to a crisp like the chips off of ii doctors trusty chainsaw busted
into itsy bitsy teeny weeny bits of spots like a polka dot bikini.

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