Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something Good

What then is the problem with communism or capitalism or socialism or imperialism?
Do you not yet know the difference between your left and right hand as mirrors?
Of each other when pointing finger to finger the whole world is in your hands.
Same for you same for me and every one blessed with the power to give a hand.

Visual and verbal configurations words into picture of the wonderful periodic table.
The answer to life the universe and everything is 43 Doug Adams miss counted.
21 sub-atomics with their anti-particle equivalences plus the photon if I am to believe scientists.
All of it energy increased to the point of visibility via the light as measured by the rainbow.

That anthropic principle as measured by the data on the table of pencil pusher bureaucrats.
To show that it is highly likely that the evidence is true to as many decimals places as pi.
Or for that matter phi or e or any other member of that set of constants labelled irrational.
Try throwing 20 heads in a row consistently, practise makes perfect when your a juggler.

So here we deal in definitions then and members of that set who are in agreement.
That beyond the event horizon someone unknown to us must of done something good.

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