Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Serene Sea

While at Art School I met a man named ROWAN while living at WINDSOR CASTLE.
Well at least that was its name as interpreted from position's antipodean angle of view.
A housing commission estate with 105 flats inhabited by poverty stricken peoples plots.
The story was worse than living in a Steven King novel in real time like "The Shining"

One day I might be given the power to write it all down till then we deal with "PLAGIARISM"
I can hardly believe the ART SCHOOL'S reaction to ROWAN"S LETTER to DON NICHOL'S.
Stating that POLICY between main campus and and the school of art was not consistent or fair.
Since students at main campus must reference their sources and art school not have too.

Well the proverbial hit the fan since a tradition of literature clashed with a tradition of art.
This Johnny come lately this new kid in town found a walk on part in a war of ideologies.
All I went to UNI for was to study aesthetics and went to art school to study concept art.
I had absolutely no idea what was going on simply found myself in a time and a place.

With a notebook that had scrawled on its cover in fancy copperplate script "The Serene Sea"
To find my dear lady lecturer say "What are you doing here?" and answer by pointing to it.


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