Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Patterns of Divination

Imagine said on frostcloud: I read somewhere there were 5 fundamental forces:

electro magnetic (2); nuclear strong, nuclear weak, gravity .

I found, having read all or most of "Superstrings and the Theory of Everything" by F. David Peat I think, and "QED The Strange theory of Light and Matter" by Richard P. Feynman, among other things,

that using a method of simplifying physics and intuition I suppose,

I got these patterns of information:

"force" : "fixed angle"

"electro magnetic": juxta position

"weak force": things juggled out, jugled back in: "cycles of multiplication"

"strong force": cycles of division

"gravity": background

If you measure something, you need the ruler-item to be alongside the measured item, and to have at least one division. This gives 3 roles.

Conserve this measurement, and you get 6 roles: "6 quarks for Mr. Mark"

The previous 3 roles become "3 colours"...?

For "colour" to become "colour force": here "colour" is "relative fixed angle" (in the distribution of 3 roles ("colour") over 6 roles (in 6 quarks when you conserve a measurement )),

"colour force" would be "relative fixed angle fixed angle" or juxtaposition fixed angle or "a simple 'lever' (or "gear" (?))

To divine for water find a forked stick and hold it such that it is balanced.

In such a way that any other force can easily be detected old detective.

Defects in a theory as postulated can be detected in witness of effects.

One thing is constant and it is that which is searched I call an eduction.

At this point all here are in agreement in that paternity contains movement.

The question remains unanswered as to and from whom it all originated.

We well may speak of causes and effects of karma chameleons and that.

As a splat on the canvas of hand prints on cave walls and fossil skeletons.

But then here we all are in the same instant coffee moment as inquirers.

Who are concerned by the battle between faith and reason as rational.

Get your head around rations as the difference between glut and famine.

Angle of view or a point of view in that colour is a vibrational interference.

One that gives to each ones eye more information than they can ever handle.

A lever to move the earth aka dear old Archimedes displacements beating corruptions.

P.S. Syracuse is the capital of Sicily and the reported home of the MAFIA. Italy as a shape looks like a big boot and Sicily is the football in the picture.

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