Monday, October 3, 2011

Lock Ness Monster Fright

Fire flies with burning bums light sublime caves disgraces.
Ripples over ponds as plane waves trajectories crashes.
Into foreign shores of vertigo interferences so it races.
Forming patterns over surfaces negative positive arches.

Form circles of confusion out of focus blobs of light bokehs.
Since it is so said that sad are the bad who are mad brokers.
On shore rolling stones of found foundries to brands tokens.
Show crypt's critic as he or she criticised booming breakers.

Of chainsaws sounds ringing just like tinnitus does in the ears.
Drowning out screams of trees with silences cut to tiny pieces.
Left in corners to dry out for some strangers at yuletide beers.
Someday learn to count threads on looms while shuttle pierces.

Bards with bawdy tales to sing a song for chainsaw massacres.
Cohen bothers well Fargo carriage trade contentious bone acres.

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