Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pressure Vacuums

This morning ii doctor it is windy over here so thank you for your contributions old fort.

Politeness NOW WOW MOM MON thank you for your contributions differential.

Integrate that poetically speaking meditate old yogi bear: contemplate boo boo.

Academia ought be called Macadamia a place where you get a drive through degree.

I do suggest you do not walk under coconut trees during the fruiting season.

Without taking good care on your Robinson Crusoe desert island: walk around.

As I have said before MONETARISM is the ism of all ISM"S denoted via connotations.

Get a good job with more pay and you will be OoK said the profits of doom Pink Floyd.

Domesday what was that but a census of all the assets held by all the landowners.

William the Conquerer and the year of completion was eleven eighty six or judgment day.

That was at least from the perspectival viewpoint of the scholars of SOME schools of today.

The strange facts of history as recorded by the authorities all put into good order.

And what for? The purposes of taxation so the King could Arm his ARMY old bean.

Counter on deserted island with your books of account PERSONALTY + REALTY.

0Quotes from the wits of common people on facebook.0

"I went to the zoo and saw a loaf in a cage and the sign said " bread in captivity""

"If you think your cooler than me does that make me hotter than you?"

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