Wednesday, October 12, 2011

denote and connote

The word denote holds to its definition as that which is contained in a note.
The word connote holds to its definition as that which is implied by that note.
Asymmetry in the standard model denotes an edge where material is allowed to exist.
LHCb it seems has only one problem is its analysis of b mesons and that is simple.
To not destroy the detector as they attempt to measures change as rate of decay.
So is it economical in that what if the denotations and connotations are optimistic?
I am here identifying that which belongs to the state of the information system.
This is just like a piece of graffiti on the wall at a train station it is present like a note is.
24 monads of Leibniz factorise down to 3 and 8 oh yeah and you forgot the point.
That 8 is 2^3 therefore 24 has as its primes 3 and 2 and 1 when we are accurate.
1 of 24 pieces that divides into 3 of (2x2x2=8) bits and 2 of (2x2x3=12) pieces.
Thus the two angles of view made available are only 1 with (2x2x2x3=24)
Boring, trivial, simple, yes and so 24 hours and 24 time zones and datelines.
The system works however there is a gap of a day between where the zones join.
On one side it is yesterday and on the other is tomorrow at 12 midnight everywhere.

Luv PEaCe.

That argument localises each and every event into a time frame reference point in a language that children can be taught to comprehend. MD will not like it. IDL = International Date Line. Daylight saving at present is a political issue here in oz. I believe some nations either side of the IDL have more problems than us. Instead of a one hour difference they have one day of difference. One nation desires to move into tomorrow and so the child born on that day of change will never have a birthday to celebrate? Think about it and get back to me please expose the error. In a circle of 1000 people how many have a degree?

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