Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cowboys + Indians = Confrontation

I know that the attitude to be expressed is not of the kind considered normal.
It is so that sadness fills my soul that poor Indians surround us rich cowboys.
Why it is so defeats me every time I look at the algorithmic equation informal.
The other week the Chinese were caught trying to scan for open ports boys.
Calling in Pinkerton's detective agency might track down butch and sun-dance.
Intelligence agencies and agents perform their duties like the good detective.
Yet the law when broken asks not the question of it's breaker: why that stance?
Of happen or circumstances circumspectly stand against their law defective.
By that is meant the principle of omerta of the mafia and their law of silence.
Party of the first part keeps their secrets from party of the second part safe.
And vice versa and is that not the source of evil confrontations in niescience.
That both parties remain ignorant of their others intension's in nobody is safe.
Think about that for a while get back to me on study of problem: all at sea son.
Those Indians are hungry just like you, do what they do, for very same reason.
luv + PEaCe = K.O.G.

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