Wednesday, October 12, 2011

teleported with no job

JOB means work to do and work done thus one makes a small contribution.

WEALTH means the collected time of all the men and women as measured.

ECONOMY means efficient ways of saving time & energy in materialisation.

ECOLOGY means eco logic from Latin for HOME and KNOWLEDGE budgeted.

DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS are compos-ed mostly of synonyms and antonyms.

DIRECTORY PLACEMENTS arranged in alphabetical order for number entering.

THESAURUS CATEGORIES attempt to place words beneath each of many synonyms.

ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES summarise history into a tree with branches of learning.

LIBRARIES hold more books now than could be read in anyones lifetime.

WORDS denote subjects, objects and movements that everyone public ate.

PHRASES are phases a sentence goes though to construct the intelligible.

SENTENCES that are true hold a subject which agrees with the predicate.

MACHINE a product of a foundry of heated metals gear wheels in their position.

ROBOTICS vroom broom's cultural vacuum cleaner dispose of bombs explosion.


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