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Mike Dubbeld said on the 6th of Sep. 20011 of Antone

Thank you for your info Antone. It was too much info. The answer to my question is NO you do not have an education in mathematics to speak of. You do think as so many other people on this forum that you can fart what you like as being some kind of thunder not knowing what other people with an education have said prior to you. You would not know if what you said was merely a subset of a much more vast concept taught to juniors in college. For example, you talk about set theory as though you are some sort of authority on the subject yet you use little if any of the common vocabulary of found in set theory as taught in universities on that subject and while logicians attempt to map logic to set theory you see fit to make it up as you go alongnot knowing you are not standing on the shoulders of giants like THEY are.

It is counterproductive to simply insult someone. I also said that people such as yourself being are usually the people that discover things in mathematics that other people do not. This is because as you recognize - how well you understand more profound things is a function of how well you understand the basics. You attack everything knowing little but such an approach is exactly what is needed when going after what is 'in the box' of science and mathematics. A unique, revolutionist approach on academia. Your problem seems to be like so many other people on this forum - you refuse to learn what is taught in universities and see fit to throw rocks at what you know not. Its not good enough for you to simply spout what you know not knowing what is taught in universities. To lay any claim to fame you need trash explicitly what is taught there and you quite simply are not going to do that without an education in things like science, mathematics, logic and philosophy. You seem content to read something somewhere and go off on the deep end analyzing it - which is more than I can say about almost everyone on FC. However, you seem to fail to recognize that no matter how profoundly you trash what ever it is you are reading - the SOURCE itself doesn't seem to matter to you. For example. If you read a book Chariots of the Gods, you would go about trying to disprove it not knowing that most of what that book says is not accepted by the scientific community to begin with. Therefore any brilliant critical analysis by you of this book would hardly register a fart by people that are more educated.

I want to make it clear that although it may seem as though I am picking on you - believe me - I sure as hell wish there were a lot more people on FC that even had your attention span/I find what you say to be very interesting although often comical about how you came about proclaiming the things that you do. And although most of what you say is true it is equally boring to a large extent. What you say does not seem to lead to anything in particular and I often find myself asking whether he knows about some concept in math/philosophy/science or logic since you seem to bring points out in these areas demonstrating you understand them as though you have discovered them on your own when in fact they are well known instances covered by very specific words/subjects taught at universities.

Also, my education is in Electrical Engineering as I have said many times in the past and have had all of calculus and differential equations and learned on my own to one extent or another things like Fourier Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Vector Analysis. In higher mathematics solutions to equations becomes an more of an ART than a science. Most differential equations cannot be solved exactly and can only be solved to some number of decimal points by a computer by computer algorithmic approximation techniques.

A big stumbling block I have on FC is lack of education. I have to continually dumb down a lot of things I say so as to be understood at some crude level. Despite what you and other people here think to defend their lack of knowledge, there are many things I simply cannot talk about due to lack of education – as in I would have to teach several courses just for people to have a clue what I was talking about. In otherwords although it may sound like an ego thing to you and other people, there is no way for you to know why I think some things are important simply because you lack the necessary background to appreciate what I say. This is extremely frustrating to me and I am sure many other people. For example, we are not going to discussing even elementary Big Bang equations. I have posted no less than 3 times in excruciating detail where E = mc^2 comes from deriving it from simpler principles using elementary calculus and I still see idiot brain responses to this day on FC Space and Time. If I want to talk about the implications of a new drug and how it affects neurons in the brain, one must know elementary principles of electricity as in neurons fire chemically producing electrical impulses causing chemical reactions in the brain. Metabolic pathways in the brain. Not going to be a FC thing. I have to stick to simple things.

If you look on the web you will find tons of people posting their dissertations and thesis for doctoral and masters degrees as a reality check before they submit them. Why wouldn’t I rather read these than an Antone homespun high school education?

Tons of people trash each other with a picture or word or a backpack of fertilizer.
"If I have seen more than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."
Newton was reported to of said if so then who where the giants he referred too?
Euclid, Pythagoras, Zeno, Plato, Aristotle per happenstance chant the chance?

First principles ought obey the "LAW OF CORRECT DEMONSTRATION" goggle that.
Very little has been written about it for a very long time so it seems to pitfall ME.
Just an independent student making an attempt to comprehend analysis of equations.
Those TIMES devious crossword puzzles with cryptic clues to find a single word.

Letters and numbers the rat pack selection of ones less than ten to add up to 666.
That beastly enterprise where everybody worships at the alter of mammon: commerce.
Banking institutions who regularly cook the books to please their shareholders.
Equations that are forced to balance in the everyday enterprise universities teach.

OH YEAH you know a lot old son as the sun cooks you there in that deserted furnace.
Sleepwalking after your first dose of Zolpidem since you can't sleep because of tension.

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