Thursday, September 8, 2011

An outsiders Point of VIEW

Daphne said by way of chat on facebook

Ah that is a curly one. What IS truth. It seems to me that truth has a different meaning for each person. The truth for one may be different to the truth for another.Interesting!

Daphne is a friend of mine who lives near the wreck that is in the picture.
I posted a link to this thread and the above is her reply to the discussion.
Debate Closed Down is the result of a chat conversation I started with her.
Cause and effect the pills that taste sweet yet are bitter to the stomach.

Constantly we are forced to deal with that which attracts or that which repulses.
Societal conventions and members of the in crowd and members of the out crowd.
More often than not denoted by the connotations of their influences monetarily.
My car is faster or my car is tougher and replace car with house or child etc.

That is set theory in a nutshell at least from the viewpoint of present day society.
Words as ii doctor has said repeatedly are identifiers and as such abstract in nature.
Remain unknown by present generation's study of origins etymologically speaking.
For histrionically speaking the meaning changes via usage of them in new contexts.

Metaphysics to me is a synonym for spiritual and physics is easily replaced by material.
Epistemologically speaking that is for me at least: set theory means a Venn diagram.


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