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epistemology = the study of words and their origins, changes and additions to vocabularies in everyday usage. Modern day equivalents linguistics, semiology, semiotics, aetiology and information theory where all language has been reduced to strings of zero's and ones in computer operations, for it true that all computers are good at is crunching numbers fast: real fast but not quite fast enough to accurately model the entirety of heaven. The root system of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

metaphysics = the study of who we are, where we come from and why we are here in physical bodies moved by a will at all with spiritual attitudes to do and say and go toward anything at all like memory of past and planning for a future event. The trunk of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

ontology = the study of the essence of living things, which are capable of movement and operate in accord with their will to arrive, survive and flourish. Further to the point ,studies being and knowledge contained in that beings, historicity, its records as stored so as to be retrieved. Logic, grammar and oratory of each tongue, family, tribe and nation are thus understood. All material reduced down to the hydrogen molecule protium from which all other elements were formed into their respective islands of stability. The branch that twists to the inside of that left twisting tree called DNA. Information that pre-existed all that is factual in its ability to actualize a man to any and all polices that contain intents and purposes whether they worked or not.

teleology = the study of means to arrive at ends as the future directive to decisions that mark out a future life course. A word that is required since it contains in its way a forward looking angle of view as opposite to the rear view mirror angle of view held in ontological kinds of argument's that are strictly conservative and generally seek to preserve the status quo or state enterprises used to collect taxes. Asks questions like what if we did things this way not the way we by habit have become used too. All material made available as a source of supply in art and craftsmanship with tools and masters of them. The other outside string of the ongoing spiral of activity and more generally the place where discussion begins and errors are checked for in the generation of productive outcomes.

mathematics = the study of numbers and the way they are and can be arranged to provide utility of purposes. I.E. The law of large numbers means that for a throw of a dice the chance of a head or a tail is 1/2 or one in two chances. Over an infinite number of throws it is true. Tattslotto (Game of Chance in Australia) make their fortune from that deception. Each time the balls fall their is a 1/40 or 42 chances but multiplied out each person who plays, only has as much chance as the number of combinations of numbers there are in the game. You gotta be in it to win it yes but but and but you have Buckley's and none of ever winning. The number of twigs and minor branches on the two major branches.

ethics = the study of ones duties to ones fellows and strangers at that who generally speaking only serve their masters like slaves since they were not given the power to do otherwise. One army against one man is not fair. In the present hour the rule generally applied is "HE WHO HAS THE GOLD MAKES THE RULES" and the "LAW OF SILENCE" keeps Mr and Mrs General Public growing up like mushrooms in the dark. Don't open the door you will let the dark out and the light in to fog that photographic paper. No pain no gain till you get used to it. Where every problem yet to be solved exists. What those minor branches and twigs support.

Reason = The study of sophisticated arguments. Ones that on the surface appear to be true yet have some unknown flaw in their logic that is in disagreement to the law of correct demonstration. Errors take the form of FACT, ACT and REASON. Reason asks one to know how all things fit together. If only one thing then no problem if two then are they of complementary shape do they dovetail together or are they bolted, nailed or glued and which method works and lasts for the longest lifespan. The leaves of the tree and everybody in the sunlight giving the tree its power.

Philosophy = All the above in a nutshell called by me (p/q x q/p =1) which means that what is predicated in a sentence must agree with its quotient or quantity of qualities as contained in the set of words required or needed to give an accurate discription in other words the objective is to decypher the labyrinth of the inverse of a statement as an aid to the correction of an error before anything bad can occur.  One ought note that the statement can be inverted and the error detected. The bone does not eat the dog because a bone is incapable of movement without muscles and ligaments and last of all the will to move at all. Entirety of the tree is its ability to reproduce itself after its own kind. Flowers and birds and bees and all of that stuff we learned as little children and then took for granted little realising the amount of work done by past family members to establish these naming conventions.

Luv peat

P.S. One word sums all the above up into THEOLOGY, thankfully GOD the ONE who fathered THE CHRIST who was JESUS but is now, the is, as MICHAEL THE OVERARCHING ANGEL at UNITY with his father, therefore HEAVEN or the UNIVERSE owns no problems that cannot be made GOOD, eschatologically speaking, that is, the is, that is the tis in the buzzing of  busy bees in their hives, their everyday activity at home. Good it would be to arrive at that point from the present day multiplicity of extremely partial in-operative viewpoints where things barely fit together where poverty is rampant and riots on the streets ruin every day.

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