Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rule of thirds

puffader said = Is a practical limit for a Christian to love each neighbour?

Does Christian has a right to defend someone?

Can Christian kill someone to protect somebody life, health or vital goods like housing or food supply?

On owning knowledge of photographic domain gifts one with special insights.
Reciprocity is denoted by the f-stop system of double and half the exposure.
That is in aperture or the size of the hole that lets the light pass through a lens.
Plus the time required for the exposure to let the light pass into the recording medium.
PLUS PLUS AND PLUS the sensitivity of the MEDIUM to the quantity of the LIGHT.
Ten stops is about the limits of the extremes from paper white to velvet black.
That is what one may describe as a convention in that it denotes a dimension.
The system works and that is all I am interested in at this stage of development.
Much work on this SUBJECT has been done by people to numerous to mention.
From the formulas for lens design to the little people who work on the factory floor.
To the salesman in the camera store and the advertising and propaganda systems.
This where it gets interesting in the division of the plane of the photo into thirds.
For a third to exist in that plane is to divide it into quarters and then to eighths.
Then to and fro between that two till you can fold that dimension no further at all.
How many steps this takes is more interesting that you could ever possibly believe.
What this denotes is a logistical fact in the space that exists between two and four.
In a composition on a plane for some unfathomable reason the subject looks right.
While this digression may appear out of place it is held common to all not some.
Just as we may turn the other cheek we may bat the ball and reach an agreement.
When we make a judgment it is put into the market place of words and meanings.
Some will agree and others will not agree and so we have a battle of words.
It is a dependency for a system to remain stable and thus we ought avoid confusion.
With due regard for the last two questions we will understand the principle of ownership.
What then is a JUSTIFIED TRUE BELIEF and IF SO what then is a proposition?
WE are subject to many propositions by the advertising medium every single day.
Which FAITH produces a practical or utilitarian product in the logistical Enterprise?
Seven BILLION people and growing is the POPULATION of people on earth at present.
How many of them have seen a rainbow and have that word in their vocabulary?
Do they know that their eye is a camera that is very like a TV receiver or not?
With some very odd edge detection algorithms built into its visual kind of matrix.
Nope and that the greater and lesser wavelength energy from fine to course granularity?
Nope lest we forget that these operations are common to all and none would dare disagree.


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