Friday, August 5, 2011

Gettier's Problem

[QUOTE=Antone;466684]This is a developing work in progress... but my definition of truth is:

an expression that accurately reflects the relationships between 2 or more definitions.

What is your definition of truth, and why?[/QUOTE]

Is strictly epistemological in the claim that Daisy the COW is really SAFE.

Farmer Brown's COW is not even SAFE from him let alone from the WOLF.

Could just as easily be a SHEEP and LITTLE BO PEEP in story telling style.

"AHA you think you know this story the real one is much more gory." GROUCHY.

Revolting rhymes Roald Dahl and Chocolate factory Charles and CHAMPS.

WHAT at the BIT space that is the construction of nothing and one WON.

Futility of PURPOSE and to which burnings after 9/11 and that OSLO thing.

Extreme right and left wing pinion feather wing tip vortex annihilators on SHOW.

Coming to a theater near you on the radio and the television's reciprocity failures.

SUPPOSE that ALL FC MEMBERS know what reciprocal arrangements are?

SUPPOSE they found all the STARS in HEAVEN and it was YOU out with FLU!

Hydrogen as a molecule from which all of ALL is MADE UP OF in SPIN of ORATORY.

Princess Brides and saviors called the DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS in Nursery rhymes.

The haul of goodies from sea and land after a hard days work divided equally.

Mine ALL MINE I will not share it with you the LAW is on my side and the POLICE.

When the true fact is that behind closed doors YOU made the LAW to suit yourself.

Now it's time for the MILKY BAR KID to wreak revenge on the propaganda lawyers.

Identity is the crisis that each faces when dealt with harshly and cruelly.

Ignore means to remain ignorant of the word as a name to communicate a thought.

Trees reflect green of rainbows color, soil, red and sky blue and you?


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