Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Candy for Dr Pangloss

spacedout said on frostcloud = There isn't any proof that the past always exists but there isn't any reason to believe it doesn't. All possible moves of a step in time are out there and this means the past does exist---thats what I believe. There are zillions of us predetermined to be in other worlds due to choices of steps.

"Everything is not so good in El Dorado; but everything is not too bad." Candide/Optimism as recorded by Voltaire.

Monads of Leibniz proportions in the realm of space of times lie curvature.
Cause as consequence of action in face of grim reaper: real circumstance.
To wit too woo as morning glory of bird song greets our lens open aperture.
Silence of arrow as time by energetic vortex moves invariant happenstance.

Measures ah ha the rhythm divine in manufacture of a frame with no tools.
But a mere idea of what the end product ought look like to dear old Hume.
Ungeous proportions of scale where little is big and big is small to silly fools.
Homeless without sustenance or covering who in their bottle of blood do fume.
So we put them in a box and hang them upside down and call a man a spook.
Wizard of ideology who cannot remember the name for that which he searches.
Heard it somewhere in aether that was heralded in yesterdays book look.
Left witless by bird calls music of Pythagorean spheres in natures nurtures.
Conformal space pre-existent where time and length establish unitary value.
Man the measurer of a length of rope enough to hang himself on to gall you.


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