Friday, August 26, 2011

Debate Closed Down

Read all about is extra extra get the "Son Views" now, debate closed down, no more arguments we are all related, war is no more than a family fued over who has the rights to use a property. Time to remove all political boundaries since birds and fish do not respect them.

Property (NOW WOWMOM WON NOW MOMWOW WON) simply palindromic.
Words are identifiers, some words are abstract or complexities of meaning.
Boundaries of each identifier is where we ALL get into trouble in the NOW.
Ambiguity in the term policy in LAW means to me a failure of precedences.
We hear roses are red violets are blue and so it is that I love you so dear.
Coming at you at the speed of sound in the air present to all who breathe.
We see roses as red violets as blue and so it is that I love you not to fear.
Coming at you at the speed of light in the ether presented that some believe.
Letters and numbers from which we learned as children; then took for granted.
The three r's of reading righting and rhythmics you know what I mean old bean.
Miracle is that there is anything that is was will be animated to move in ranted.
Some rant you have going on here in the presence of an ice-storm as seen.
To have the ability of an able bodied man to level whatever a forest of trees.
Thankyou for your contributions of which members are too numerous to mention.
Aleph-bet used by mathematicians in use of it as forms shorthand is free.
Problem is in its de-crypt-ion by the average man who walks the talk in a nation.
Thus ignorance is rampant like a lion seeks to devour all with mental presents.
Welcome to a lions den only an angel MICHAEL can save you during his presence.

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