Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Imperialism is the method used which means it is a process and we the victims.
"When in ROME' do as ROMAN'S do." or else find a place to live in the CATACOMBS.
That log of events occurs each day from sunrise to sunset shadows move west to east.
Tides rise and fall and after 6000 years of human history worry about the big crunch.
"There is no free lunch" said the sign on the fridge door go to work and get a job.
"WHY" and "HOW" we move at all has never been validated by any POLLY TACTICIAN.
Identity of a word as denoting that which is predicated or belongs with its subject.
Abstract words like ontology to give voice to the essence of our being not slaves.
Under imperialistic doctrine and practice is the dogma that all men are servants.
They call it the GREATER GOOD when in fact that GOOD is there GREATER WEALTH.
Thus so framed constitutions, common into statute law so they could keep their PROPERTY.
When the real freedom is that we are merely custodians of that Earthly PROPERTY.
As I have proved repeatedly politics is a religion and it has as its GOD imperial POWER.
Monetary POLICY produces nothing but combative contentions all you egomaniacs.



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