Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bubble Burst by a Pin Prick

WuWang said on Frostcloud = Has anyone noticed that the true "present" i.e. that eternal and not temporary is the same universal creator power? Where is its creation but in the same universal mind which is finally our real being? The eternal present, the universal being, the only real existent shouldn’t be seen as at the out of ourselves; we could see it only individually reflected like on a mirror in front of us; it can only be referred to the present, the past and the future, and then its reality is only illusory as illusory are our thoughts and judgments about anything.

Are sciences, specifically physical science aware of this fact? Is it logical to apply our personal reasoning principles to those eternal of a creative supra-personal mind? Is it logical that we apply space-time relativity principles not subject to those universal? Could we really get out of the relativity of our own judgments?

The role science has played is that of its more ancient name natural philosophy.
Epistemologically is it a role that was similar to that of our ancient ancestor Adam?
Rites of naming animals to medicines role of butchering murderers cadavers Leonardo.
Those bacteria that live in all our gullet's still have a great big question mark over them.

Positive and negative feedback loops in the scientific method is where corruption is rampant.
Praise or shame that the outcomes from the experiment did or did not meet expectations.
Hypothesis is just such an event and present day economic theory is merely a hypothesis.
Everyone from the wealthiest to the poorest having to balance their books of accounting.

At least if they cannot read or write they from experience know how much is in the pantry.
Equations are more often than not balanced by their inversed square proportional analysis.
We can thank the ARABS for they were the first members of earth to realise this fact in action.
Ancient as it is, double entry book keeping records are kept so that human errors are revealed.

When a number has been transposed then the error is always divisible by number nine on the line.
That is an odd thing and nobody I know has ever been able to explain why it is we do sew and so.

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