Friday, August 26, 2011

Guitar Control EMAIL

Dear Claude,

Below is my reply please enjoy.

But did you know that over 30,000 scientists
including over 9000 PhDs signed a petition
saying the opposite?

Meanwhile, Al Gore was busy creating
a Chicago stock exchange for carbon
credits... The plan was to get YOUR MONEY
in the form of taxes (cap and trade). (Pretty much what I was thinking, what then are they planning to do with the raised capital?)

Well, it doesn't take a genius to see
that same people promoting the global
warming agenda were the same people
that stood to profit from it.

Like Frank Zappa said, FOLLOW THE MONEY. (OR THE PAPER TRAIL/TRIAL, All banks must have a paper trail in order to track transactions in case of an accounting error like a WRONG NUMBER)

But the battle continued. In 2009, the EPA
declared that carbon dioxide (the air
we exhale) is a toxic greenhouse gas!

Yes they want to tax the air you breathe.
I'm not making this up. (ALL I NEED IS THE AIR THAT I BREATHE AND TO LOVE YOU. Thanks for that, thought about that a while ago and thought I was the only one thinking that, for a second I thought I was going mad.)

This happened even after the infamous
"Climategate" episode in which thousands
of hacked emails showed proof that scientists
working for the establishment were purposefully
manipulating numbers.

But truth and reality is finally winning.
In 2010, the Chicago Climate Exchange stopped
tradding carbon credits when trading volume
fell to zero.

Desperate vestiges of the climate crisis clan
remain, like claiming aliens are about to
get us. (Aliens or otherwise are STRANGERS who manufacture impractical policy decisions. "THE USER IS THE ONE WHO PAYS" they being the end user, that place where the money slips into the ether, the product in the rubbish dump after use, worn out becuase of planned obsolesence)

The bottom line is you can't trust politicians,
bureaucrats or even mainstream journalists
anymore. You really have to look to alternative
media to find out what's really going on in
the world. ( What is a policy? Is it not an applied ruling? If so then the POLICE are the enforcers of that policy which to my mind denotes the weakness in imperialism. That is that the members of the system who desire to be included do agree with the authoritarian commands of the ones above them in the chain of logistical supply since to advance their careers they must toe the line or get fired. Therefore we deal with the problem of self interest. Those who are not interested in what the boss is interested in "pleasing his superiors" are denied access to the group. When one is on side with the BOSS one is included if not one is excluded and without a job. Self interest rules the world not government. Certain CIA documents and T.E. Lawrence's essay on "Guerrilla Warfare" "How to stare at Goats etc are used as the references within the context popularly called IMPERIALISM)

I don't usually rant about "political" stuff
but this was just too funny.

Glad to have gotten that out of my system.

Thank You Claude really love what you are doing. Peat

P.S. Positive and Negative feedback loops create stability in a electronic circuit therefore are a basic requirement of the social circus. I am forced to ask myself here and question the integrity of my personal reasoning and say to myself: is this an irrelavant conclusion or an "IGNORATIO ELENCHI"? That is what I mean by negative feedback loops.

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