Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There are a set of propositions that remain unprovable via empirical data collection methods for mortal man to even bother to take time to consider? We are allowed to shoot arrows at each other to see who will be the last man on earth! Who wants to follow that path? Not me!

Time steps in xyzt co-ordinates imply a force is in constant action.

We will label the above as a fundamental eduction to times system.

It allways is present to all actions and interactions therefore is true.

Area of circle approx. 3/4's area of square surrounding it tweety pie.

Is space flat then and we are mere pixels on the watchers monitor?

Council now what is that, that is good advice for to follow up on too.

Since past is present to times future all that's occured is true in blue.

Reality of the forth estate for you riddlers to work to its conclusion.

Logic is the thing/phenomena as identified in likes of decision trees.

Leads to either a benevolent or malevolent outcome for you or me.

Operating system on C: and Programs that run on it your D: drive.

Directory tree to users of system in Windows 7 on C: is very wrong.

That is my viewpoint after being attacked by system 32 autorun.exe.

Operating System please isolate from the user interface dear old BILL.

Dear Mr Orange Bell Led Parrot,------Why is it so that the tendency is to personify you, to characterize you in your plot upon that branch? To say a word about your great coat of feathers in the probability field of US pixel pixies who call great a weasel word. In the frame of reference Cal Led popularly the xy coordinate system, illusions granted so I ranted and raved on and on and on over the fact that is strangest of strangers to strong strangling figs in figuring out the logic as the log of events of the thing as it is known, that told, that toiled, that sold soiled tolls by freeways to Bell Led spelling mistakes over your demise via simple prepositions connecting subjects to nouns so predicated as belonging to that class included or excluded? Apologies for that complex sentence, a good editor would say it was inexcusable and censor it. ICU means UCI, IC, CI integrated circuit positive negative feedback loops decision trees and directories of meaning in dictionaries to propaganda propagating the faith of a few pollies who believe they possess the power of LUV: P+Q+EAT:)

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