Monday, June 27, 2011

Lingo Jingo

Let us define abstract relations please.

It is known that the eye is easily deceived.

Into believing that a falsehood is true.

If we treat each word with due respect.

Then we comprehend its historical usage.

Else since coined meaning has a paradigm shift.

We know there are a set of absolute values.

We know there are a set of variable values.

We know that there is a difference between the two.

We may call absolute values by ABCDEFG in music.

We may call variable values by tuvwxyz in algebra.

We may call the in betweens by hijklmnopqrs in education.

Then we hold to the fact in the vowels aeiou in phonics.

Then we hold to the fact of the thirty four used sounds.

Then we hold to the fact of half vowels like y, w, u and j.

Even if I am wrong in this numerical derivation.

It does not matter at all what you think.

I am right to myself till proven to be wrong.

Pigs fly as well as a lead balloon did in mythbusters.

The wicked queen saw snow white choke on her apple.

Moral/Mortal fabula fabulous fabrication artificiality.

Empirical data set tested and mirror neurones on the wall.

Measurement of values to the conscious mind thats corrupted.

So incorruptible are we yet in relation to monetary powers right to buy/sell property?

Think about it in terms of the consequence of acts on the part of the will.

Convicted are we to live here cleaning the house then sweeping it under the carpet?

Perhaps you think for a second that bacteria will clean up all in house = our/your crap?

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