Monday, June 20, 2011

No Paradox

When we view our heavens it is true that we are stuck to earth by gravity.

I use the word heavens since universe is a synonym for the same principal.

Note please that political correctness is a matter for interpreters to translate.

Ignore = Meaning as per the following commonly used senses.

{1}Access denied "We will ignore his/her/your request."

{2} Take no note of "We/I will ignore what you/they say."

{3} To Separate " I/We ignore them." or "(Insert name) ignores you/(insert others name).

{4} Will not remember "I will put YOU/(INSERT NAME) on my/our ignore list.

{5} Disassociate "Party of the first part will in future ignore that/those apostate/s."

Ignore = VERB which thus is the action that denies accessibility in a relationship which leaves both parties in a state of ignorance its NOUN.

Ignore then is not a kind nor friendly word yet in the other sense of kind it is a kind of a word. In fact it is a definition for enmity as I look at all the people in the ghettos and slums of this earth who have been ignored by their state leaders.

Then to follow on logically to that which can be known about ignore is all of the people who are caught in its vicious circle. When one ignores the law of gravitas one jumps off that plane without a parachute. Now only a suicide victim would choose that path. So there is a thing called a decision tree that articulates all of the outcomes from each and every course of action that leads to, on one hand destructive consequences and on the other creative consequences. I think that some members of the earths population have been ignoring the wrong people/groups/ideas. Why they change a word to re-identify it like universe for heavens is because when they use the old word that has attached to it the stigma of religiosity it means they would have to have a heavenlyversity not a university, so no longer is it ambiguous it is no longer a paradox. We are enabled to be able to get out from those kinds of vicious circle of which there are many not yet identified.


P.S. MD is now ignorant of this fact and therefore has put himself at a sever disadvantage to other's who do read this and understand its meaning. This will put MD at a distinct disadvantage for choosing to put me or anyone on IGNORE. Same for everybody else who IGNORED GOD'S WORD THE BIBLE. The only extant record of those most ancient of events historically that one can ever put trust IN. Ignore implies exclusion which means you are not in the party of survivors into the NEW HEAVENS and EARTH where the one objective is to turn it into a paradisaic garden. Only a fool would not wish/pray/desire/think/believe/have faith to be in that.

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