Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swept under Car Pets

[QUOTE=QuinticNon;466914]Perhaps the breeze was blowing your blouse open. Now they'll probably burn in hell just for accidentally lusting after you.[/QUOTE]

The local rubbish [TIP] is where all the stuff that is no longer useful ends up.

People use the tip of their tongue to articulate the name of what is on their mind.

However the wrong definition of words like [SOUL] + [HELL] = [DEATH]

A forth term/word/object is required for to add to the above is [LUST]

In the words used in the [LEGAL] eagle fraternity is [PROPERTY RIGHTS]

Separated by a cross your heart bra known as [PERSONALTY] + [REALTY]

WOWMOM is what those terms add up too in relations to [POSSESSIONS]

[BELIEF] is a possession if [LOGIC] is the [THING] as it can be [KNOWN]

[SOIL] is the most valuable [OBJECT] on this [PLANE] of [EXISTENCE] to [ME]

The alchemists want to [CHANGE] lead into gold so the ancient story goes.

Gold according to the periodic table is [ELEMENT] numbered Seventy Nine.

Lead according to the periodic table is element numbered as Eighty Two.

It would be mean to strip off those three electrons protons and neutrons.

The midas [TOUCH]then and turning ones children into gold is cannibalism.

These days of ours [SPENT] hunting, gathering [ALL] within a [PECKING ORDER].

[WATER CLOSET] was the first name for what upper class [LABEL] lavatory.

The middle class label loo, the lower class label toilet and Americans a bathroom.

When their is no bath in [SOME] of them yet still force of habits attach's it.

Regardless of naming conventions stuff excreted so far has been swept under carpets.

Of soil when the [WATER CYCLE] is [CIRCULAR SYSTEM] in the worlds [TEXT BOOKS].


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