Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Form

The difference engine of Babbage and Lovelace in relation to SHANNON.

Drum beats to Morse code to binary gates to bit depth to decimal points.

Dissemination of knowledge via word forms in ASCII tables 8,16,32,64 bits.

Sounds simple enough yet yesterday Gleik's book as reviewed with Adams.

Whatever one says to the word as written the consequence is in the act.

Walking the tightrope to faith is a virtue on engravers fonts from baptism.

By fire from hydrogen, deuterium and tritium: strange new language found.

I imagine thread starter has not read this far yet since MY I ME is on ignore.

Takes to much time to decipher these cryptographic wordy puzzle muzzles.

Whatever the tiny little people we use each day are beloved prepositions.

Set theory extends from in the box is jack open the lid and out JACK pops.

Simple as IS arithmetic for children to learn to calculate include or exclude.

Form as in the spreading of lies and slanders like hackers store the kraken.

Moving theater, men like women on this old egg shell stage tagged earth.

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