Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seals in Antarctic Waters

Barf! Barf! Sojourners in Antarctica.
Daft! Daft! Wanderers on ant ark ticker.
Raft! Raft! Serendipitous Attica.
Draft! Draft! Pretenders art ant flicker.

Craft! Craft! Bore dormers kind responses.
After! After! Architect my reasoners.
Rafter! Rafter! support my sponsors.
Laughter! Laughter! presupposes.

Bar! Bar! Black sheep have you any wool on?
Car! Car! Flack beep rave on many fools gone.
Ma! Ma! Slack sleep brave new world to come.
Pa! Pa! Clack heap crave en a theistic boon.

Clap! Clap! positively negatively feedback loops.
Trap! Trap! Possessions Depositions doctors lawyers hoops.

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