Sunday, April 3, 2011


Just checking in to see how your going, thinking of ALL about the overs and unders, befores and afters the lefts and rights of Me's relationship with wonder and its adjectival qualifier wonderful.

I ask myself why do I bother to perfect the craft. I.E. Since photography turned up on the page it has become the rage and to some an outrage. If I see another picture of a starving child, nestled in Mother's arms sucking finale's drop of milk from a withered breast, am I right to say it makes me sick? So the story flows from that extremity to the one articulated via Frosty the Snowman of health wealth and well-being: the other extremity.

I assure you dear friend it is not a good way to make friends, pointing out those distinctions, identifying attributes contained in subject headings, photo-journalistic to portraiture, amateur to professional the difference being, not just mere time spent perfecting ones craftsmanship.

 Aesthetics possibly is the world's most dangerous craft, not dissimilar to a life raft on turbulent seas being blown forward by a perfect storm to an as yet unrealized objective. Oh my, oh my, oh me, that an invitation to visit UTAS in 1999 would see this soul plumb those depths of educators confusions via entry through the strangest portal, popularly labeled plagiarism, which means to me these days piracy on the high seas.

 That being said, the time we spent, the time in the great aether, points to many a good times location, from our journey to forever, a moment of time by the roadside, a momentary pit stop at Frostcloud sharing moment's with another soul buying time, staring at the stars, next to a vacant lot in need of cares attentions, that caused me to think of you and by way of reminder to explain every letter paints a picture, wonderful modifies any noun/label/thing/event it stands before.

Also that it is the case for the name for whatever you desire to call anything you need to name at all, since, for to name it is an action to define its state which, is to say, the qualities/attributes gifted to each and every object by its maker nominally are maintained by verbalizations of propositions.

A photograph exists because it has a maker, that photograph is loved by others and in doing so the others love its maker and further to that point to its end extremities that photograph is better than all the other photographs ever made, ergo that photographer is the greatest he showed me something I did not know before. Thus we identify superlatives. Take good care of what you pray for you might find justice before you even realize it.

Luv Peat.

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