Monday, April 11, 2011

On Miracles

From few fragments of bones left fossilized we end up in this crisis.

Miracle is something did survive rib trampling of mankind historically.

Cook Pot Owl's eyes grasp of claws auction of Book Lot's predations.

Big Bang to Big Crunch nows Great Song to Great Lunch oratorically.

Suspended by a thread of ear wax hanging on doubts orbit in dialysis.

Color of body blood conventionally known in English by name of RED.

Roses red violets blue leaves green a primary color dot in television.

Predications predate motors energetic responses power of dictations.

Emergent to homeopathic properties pseudo scientific deviser division.

Deception by fact, verb, logic buying actions left all decidedly ahead?

Something is better than nothing for enterprises against impossibility.

Anecdotal accounts present every bodies witness behind closed eyes.

Into depths of motivations survival blighted revival of communications.

Famine, pestilence gluttonous infestations categorically bridges sighs.

Venetian princes Galileo ground glass to fit used organ pipes pliability.

Trade beyond pillars of Heracles Augean stables history mythological.

Past presented to future determinations comprehending completeness.

Economics social theory transactions balance book accounting nations.

Properties personality define character attitude deplete of elatedness.

Energy as massive times our constant area inverse square laws logical.

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