Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enduring Turing's Turnings

You KO punched OK which stands for ALL CORRECT,

NOW where in my pocket did I leave common sense,

That hole in my po po po pocket all corrected direct,

Rocket holes in ozone layer benefit drillions of cents?

And you take out the water after washing the dishes,

Stand and look in wonder at the shock and awe tactics,

Out over horizons on your crystal radio set of wishes,

Above cloud on flying carpets bongo dream liners: hicks!

Paint your history through the petals of a roses whisper,

Artificial intelligences devices vacuums floors and bombs,

Synthetic propositions professionals to amatuer whimper.

Oceans without fish replacement is plastic vortex wombs.

We the US who stand to watch that robbery on television.

Those hosed down phlegming houses of pronomical division.

ART is MADE BY MAN in one sense MADE BY GOD in another,

MAN and GOD treated as pronoun names stands in place of,

One stands before or in place of another family like brother,

UKOOK Hannibal cannibals cannabis cooked pot roast in love.

Great War on terrorism by great statement of fact is trouble.

Decipher enigma code Bleachly Park thanks enduring Turing's,

Short of hands on deck of ship in eye or hurricanes thimble,

Needle and thread stitching canvas shredded ends enduring.

You think no you believe no you feel somethings very wrong,

So you light up a candle to see whats going on only to find,

It is blown out before it even gets to a flicker by wind's long,

Blast from past of future remembering peeling that apple rind.

Not a great poem for nobody remembers its rhyme nor its time,

ING singing like a wired bird of phoenix returning in light of lime.


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