Monday, April 18, 2011

Concentration Camps

Eiselg Said "Hitlers Economy"

Germany was smashed after the First world war but Hitler brought it back to life in just 3 years. Without any money in the reasurey he printed money and made the businesses use it to pay workers. He then made them hire all those workers back. The businesses hated this but feared to dissobay and it worked making those businesses extremely profitable selling world wide. He built the Autobon and forced those businesses to make a peoples car even though the CEO's hated to do so and it gave the average person transportation. If he wasn't so mentally sick he would have burned Mine Comph and stepped aside -- he would have been a hero. Think of what the world would be if Hitler would have given up racism and bigitry and still kept the sterilization policy in effect.

A whole generation of physically and mentally weak people were exterminate or sterilized [extermination is a sick policy]. America is trying to remove assistency to all workers with out sterilization.

Kinetic energy: Boeing, Boeing, Boeing springs to life where's our flying carpet?
Work equals force of will to move any/all mass against friction's factional fiction.
Whether up or down left or right for-wards or back-wards time's a massive pet.
Do implies go to, put list on paper, present, agree to, do it, history of direction.

Arrows of time at intersections entropy which kind relative to information theory?
Drawn out endless boxes within boxes, boxer rebellion, boxing camp concentration.
Careful with Axe Eugene seti controls for heart of sun expletive deleted not dreary.
Big Bang WOW Big Crunch desert-ed sand-waves 4WD universal time frame tension.

Usury is compounded interest bearing deposits institutionalization of banking terms.
Neighbor-hood fights over inch of ground to grow crops, up pops ulations agro cult.
Supermarket kids think the field cornflakes grow on is incorporated shelves of firms.
Someday one will find a better way to put it, for now the moon's eclipsed in occult.

Class rooms educating children on how to be more productive purchased efficiency.
Means of transport of communication of complete in certainty of massive deviancy.

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