Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Will the WIFE!

Dear fellow members of the human family,

Harnessing the will to live in good accord with ones others is the WIFE as concept.
ISRAEL is a real historical entity an example for both the faithful and the unfaithful.
BIBLICAL CANDOR means both those who do and those who did not do are included.
THE first ten LAWS are PERFECT, other 603 made after the debacle of Korah.

Christians are not under LAW but under undeserved KINDNESS, 58 years to catch UP,
On 6000 years of human history and as to why we do anything at all is mysterious.
The original PROJECT entailed first and fore most a decision and a seduction scene.
Hence "Lead us not into temptation" the last words of the LORD'S PRAYER.

We in family, race, nation and tongue are all each others brother and sister.
Divide and rule by animistic men seeking control of behavior are the problem.
The ORIGINAL PROJECT was to turn earth into a paradise garden that is good.
All I do is remind you of original intention and say evil is prejudice to that goal.

Mankind as a BODY ought be that wife doing that humble yes and joyful yes work.
At present the state of the international order is no more than a family dual.

Yours faithfully,

(Insert seal)

Peter Clarkson.

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