Friday, March 11, 2011

Pay Back

I think it is time to resolve this paradoxical set of contradictory conditions.
In the world of trade is the price the seller is asking for as trade condition.
You have the right to question that seller as a buyer by way of contractions.
Barter then becomes an operation in that fair trade implies a sense of contraction.

Contract is the name given to the action of negotiation leading to an agreement.
The valley of decision as to which path leads to a valid trade and each party wins.
At one extreme is alone with nothing which is equally as terrifying as torment.
At the other is the crowd of believers in the power of the moneyed Scrooge's bins.

One side is eunechdom the other side an orgy of destructive chaos in my opinion.
Dogma is that which is provided withOUT evidence or proof of statement included.
The theater is a spectacle in the courtrooms in your local courts crying over onions.
The evidence is all around all every instant one has to be a living being deluded.

Over the fact that time is money and that you will sell your time on earth for it.
So you can trade with it for goods and services so the government can tax it.

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