Monday, March 7, 2011

Mysterious Payments

Lets take the time to notice some extraordinarily complete social parolees.
Around the roaring forties, nineteenth centuries mechanics was Hamilton.
Cargo cults like Santa Claus deceive the general population to dupe children.
Since understandings of the workings of electro-magnetic fields came up: I"M HERE".

I AM not over there way over the horizon at the north nor the south pole.
I am in this place popularly known as cyberspace dealing with fascist dictators.
Logic grammar and rhetoric trivial part of arithmetic,geometry, music, astronomy.
Logic it is in names for objects within subjects like tools of the trade to do your work. 

The thing is a measurement of values and how many decimal points one requires,
To make, no form the object that was dust into a speaking part with mere saliva,
That mixes with the bile in the stomach and creates a cocktail of hydrochloric acid,
That does not eat you from the inside out now that is really clever engineering.

Are you like GOLUM thinking about the RING plunging into the crack of doom?
Robotics attempts to create artificial intelligence suppose you think that's gloom?

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