Saturday, March 5, 2011


[QUOTE=Mike Dubbeld;461400]Mubarak kept order for 30 years in a highly unstable area of the world. What do you want to bet Islam isn't going to exploit the situation to make Egypt an another islamic joke. Mubarak needs to step down appointing a temporary general to rule Egypt until elections can be held in a sane manner. Egyptians are not working. Nothing is open. Egyptian national treasures are at the risk of mob rule.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=IamJoseph;462656]Who's the "WE"!? Seperation of state and religion comes from the Hebrew bible, then embedded into America's Consitution from the same source. It does not come from medevial Europe or Islam. See book of kings, where even the greatest of kings, David [who represented state rule], was transcended by the Prophet Nathan [who represented the country's constitution - the Hebrew laws].

King David was convicted before the entire nation and it was set to writ, for what was in that time I most meagre crime, commonplace to every king for 1000's of years. Not so under the Hebrew Constitutiona laws.[/QUOTE]

It is true that that event occurred occulted by the shadow of the king,
Cur to cure occidental denture tooth fairies appearance strange queer,
Strangler stranger strangled by power to people in constitutional vote,
Democratic oaths allegiance to power the people brought incrimination.

Propaganda heralded educated masses mediums scholastics television,
Cult culture national identity Amerigo Vespucci's name for the new world,
Standards of measure twice cut once to save  having to begin job again,
Anthropic reasoning Primo Levi  Goldilocks Enigma three bears & taste.

Natural LAWS relationships proves to be reprovable again, again & again,
Inverse square law means double the distance and four times less light,
Every time you flash a camera flash that principle is used to good effect,
US of A is not the only nation on the AMERICAN CONTINENT now is it?

Fine tuning debates and good faith placed in it by members of creation,
Who created messages that contradict and therefore arguments result,
When ISRAEL desired to be ruled by a king Jehovah said a people pay,
For the sins, errors, lawless deeds of that king make no mistake about it.

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