Saturday, March 5, 2011

One thing,

One thing,

Thing: abstract word denoting class of objects or subjects as phenomena.
Peace: abstract word entails state that's non threatening in it's behavior.
Convention: abstract term allowing for communication to be carried out.
Internet: abstract condition where for first time in history exists possibility.

Definition: self referencing system that allows all the above to be communicated.
Ambiguity: mistranslation/misinterpretation of abstract terminologies.
Memory: without one there is no past nor future nor anything in the present.
Bill: Thing used to pay the bill or the bill will convict you to do time in prison.

English: international language of trade political commercial and religious.
English: collection of words begged, borrowed and stolen by people of England.
English: system of beliefs, a social convention for communication to occur.
English: set/list of words/terms that logicians/grammarians/orators use.

Thinking: mode by which feelings are put into words spread by mouth or pen.
Sex: Latin term for six, conviction in 6 walls 60 seconds 600 things to do.

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