Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seven Reasons

[QUOTE=Chaz;462371]Obviously everyone here has there own ideas on thing's wrong with the current government(s) and ideas on ways things could be better so why not share them? So tell me, how would you imagine the ideal government? Lets start with a general sketch and work our way into minor details later, what KIND of government would it be (Doesn't even need to fall into a certain category, if need be make up your own or mix ideas of multiple governments) ? What ideas/guidelines would it be based upon? Who is in charge? How much power does that person have and what kind of limits (if any) are imposed on them? What rights do the people have?[/QUOTE]

One: that is not a racketeering organization. (MAFIA, PONZI, BANKS)
Two: that is not elitist no greats no lessors.(DEMOCRACY, COMMUNISM)
Three: that is not vindictive or cruel to its members. (LAW,POLITICS, COMMERCE)
Four: that is reasonable to deal with that hears the cry. (THEOCRACY)
Five: that is benevolent in dealing with solutions to problems. (PLOTS)
Six: that is provides everyone with their daily needs.(CHARACTER)
Seven: that is setting goals to turn earth into a paradise. (THEATER)

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