Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aetherial Welcome to 2011

[QUOTE=spacedout;460504]The world is a clock, each tick is a leap in a time-line-continuum. A clock tick is non directional but in terms of one tick following another it assumes a direction. Three groupings of the path gives x,y,z directions. The path is real just like time or repositioning objects in space is real. If man didn't exist it wouldn't make a bit of difference the changes always occur and paths of movement are real.

The world is a super super computer and so is our mind. When we die the machine that is us is gone as is all our memories and programed behavior. We can't taste, hear, feel, smell, think sense ugly or beauty or anything. Why fuss with the meaning?[/QUOTE]

Knowledge what is that?

Nose, knows and No's all sound similar yet when heard in a sentence the meaning is extracted from the context via syntax. Word position in the string we name as a "SENTENCE" denotes syntax. Meaning placement is a process of reasoning from that order of word sounds which meaning to attribute to the sound thus the field of contextual analysis. A subject that is taken for "GRANTED" RANTED is in GRANTED. This may seem small to some but to me it is BIG because I am small.

I.E. My nose is bleeding. Spacedout now knows that T&A's nose is bleeding. But T&A knows his nose is not bleeding he said that to illustrate a point. There is a list on no's that like an off switch are acts that are not permissable. One of those actions is to not tell lies even when by the telling of the truth about an act as performed one incriminates oneself. That is freedom of speech taken to the extreme. How brave are YOU?

So ends the liar paradox. T&A smells a rat with his nose. Is T&A a DOG?

Context and Syntax are abstract words that ought be used with due care and attention for the misuse of those words has caused all the confusion.
With free speech also comes the right to discriminate between fair play and foul play on the field of inquiry or that which one is interested in.

Is it safe to say that via x,y,z,t co-ordinates man is the measurer of all things? I think not since the measure of man is a predetermined condition. Condition is another relatively misunderstood abstract word.
Since we have in our possession mere fragments of information about the past therefore while our knowledge of all past eternities remains incomplete the future is indeterminable.

I am safe in my house I have no one around me at present who will ask me to perform a task or duty. I am alone. No one else but me can sit in the chair that I am sitting in at present. When I move the chair is vacated and that space is now available for another to sit in. That is the reality of real world dynamics. One is dependant on the other. No two objects may be in the space at the same time they can only be near or far off. The point is that for that object to move in the first place invokes "THE WILL" I according to some of those in my near surroundings ought to be a volunteer in the cleanup after the recent floods over here in Australia. To them I am detestable in my attitude toward the work of restoration of their "TRASHED CITY". Since my stance toward that "HOUSE" is as follows.

During the 19th century two floods occurred that rose to levels near to double that of major floods during the 20th century. Brisbane has been spared much disaster recovery since that is the case. An 8 meter flood in that area would leave most of that city in a very soggy state. What has this to do with the aether space? This event has occurred and all one can do now is clean up the mess. An event is as it was recorded at the official office of recording. To a homeowner it is a line drawn on the wall or the roof or a tree by the level the water rose too.

The volume of water falling in a catchment area and the flow made from water that did not soak in causes the river to rise. Any obstruction to that flow causes water to back up. 300mm of rain in 24hrs over 100sq km is 3 cubic kilometers of water to get out of the drains. The Catchment is approx 1500 sq K's which equals 45 cubic kilometers of water flow. Go outside look from one horizon to the other and imagine a wall of water 3000 ft or .6 of a mile high to flow off the land, through the mouth and into the bay.


Perhaps instead of rebuilding houses they ought be building arks. For a once in 50 year event they will say they prefer the cleanup process. Thus we address the problems of scale and magnitude via descriptions as the means to the prescription for enterprising individuals. Brisbane's peoples have suffered a severe setback. Materials are now headed for the rubbish dump that were once considered valuables that will now be replaced with new valuables that will be replaced after the next flood. What a vicious circle.

When legislation should of been enacted to prevent building houses in what amounts to little more than a drainage channel. Harsh words yes and harsh times yes but in effect the city has never been closer since they are now united by that disaster in their cause by cleaning up the mess together. Volunteers required and people from  though out the world attend. People who were neighbors who never said a word to each other are now speaking. People are strange the way it takes a disaster to bring them together. I cannot fathom it can you? So like you I follow my nose to knows and no's, now where would you place the u in the spelling of ho-se or would you choose ar instead? Yes news is knows from the space that is contained within the great aether as Brisbanites blow their noses.


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