Thursday, December 30, 2010

Educations 21st Sentry

Educations name stems from the LATIN verb educe so ROMAN.
To educe is the movement so named from the past in roaming.
From which arrives another noun with Eduction as in seduction.
I think that Eduction is betwixt ideas Deduction and Induction.
The centerer of balancing factors walking tight ropes or planks.
Consider this please and pay due care and attention to thanks.

The mode of behavior of an Induction, Infers universal propositions
from particular propositions noted to be in it's general conclusions.
The apple can be red or green some are edible even though green.
Therefore it is safe to eat some kinds, forms, types of apple green.
At supermarket find section labeled "GRANNY SMITH" so incredible
Apple's first proposition particular requests to determiners "EDIBLE".

The mode of thoughts behavior making a deduction is inverse of fitter.
GRANNY SMITH is a green apple, some green apples are extremely bitter.
If you like extremely bitter green apples be prepared for a tummy ache.
Granny smiths do not give me a tummy ache so I like to eat like cake.
Not as sweet as some red apples so matter of which one's preferable.
Apples first proposition general or universal conclusion is still "EDIBLE"

The mode of behavior in structuring EDUCTIONS represents feelings of.
The illustration composed could have a flaw of LOGIC I'M not aware of.
Taste personal preference for bitter apples only have my senses for.
Preferences for grapefruit to oranges even known to eat lemons raw.
Personalty preferences not necessarily enjoyed by all members just me.
Once ate a ROSE to see what it would taste like shocking not just me

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