Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Peat the paparazzo of plagiarism!

The first sentence from “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell sums it up for little old me. “In Moulmein, in Lower Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people — the only time in my life that I have been important enough for this to happen to me.”


Aesthetics is the domain of the are tist in are tism. Please excuse my bad spelling in this instance, it addresses the point of art as are or aha in that all is reduced down to the fun da mentals of technocratics, F=MA, Newton’s second LAW OF MOTION. The is that is a tis in identification of the attributes in possession of this humble servant to Queen and country, to the imperialistic dictators who tell us what to think and do, who press us into service on their ship of state via the truncheons of policemen reduced to payment’s of fines for speeding after being shot by hidden cameras at 4AM on the open road doing the despicable speed of 110 k’s per hour in a 100K zone and not one other car on the highway. The camera position at a point after an on ramp to catch ones not paying due care to acceleration. Speed KILLS they love to tell us sorry folks, wrong: strong inertia KILLS even below the SPEED LIMIT.

Ten meters is one second in gravitational time as you plummet head first toward earth says this birdy to the ornithologist’s. Like Icarus falling into the sea in a cloud of melted feather dusters called sales. And that after Daedalus revealed state secrets to Ariadne about the Labyrinth that Minos built to his enemy, Theseus, whom he had given the task of slaying the half man, half bull Minotaur that Daedalus had built, according to some tellers of tales. All Cretans are liars. Minos’s Queen was having a secret affair with it! Does this tale remind you of Julian Assuage? The paradox continues in this entry concerning the heap.


To this mind your manners please, Aesthetics is the study of the senses in relation to moral/mortal judgments. Which path leads to the best of all possible worlds? “Time is MONEY” yes “MONEY is time. That is time spent doing it tough exercising mind, heart and soul’s muscles breaking rock’s in a prison of poisoners who were poisoned by their guardians who said they were taking care of them for the publics safety. The law is for the safety of the people.

For a policy to exist it first must be legislated for, then it is up to it’s constituent’s to administer it. What occurs when one step is forgotten and the document is falsified? Perjury or slander in the witness stand that’s what. Johnny took the cookie no one saw him, it could have been anyone, but NO, it was not him, so he said! Infer from first principles or deduce from generalizations then who stole the cookie or still better educe that whatever happens, happened and that Johnny is a rotten little liar. Still one cookie before dinner when you are hungry is not a crime punishable by death. Did Mum have Johnnies best interests at heart of not?

Peat the paparazzo of plagiarism!

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