Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Does it work? When a object performs its duty, it does its work on your behalf.
Men put words to work and frame constitutions that specifically address self interest.
It is good to have freedom of speech since now I can shoot that pesky home invader.
If the LAW was so good and honest in the first place why did have to be amended?

Sew and so a stitch in time brings up the number 9 which is the number 6 down size up.
No I have a stitch, I am laughing so hard that some hold their constitution so high.
White MA MA's LAWS they change in a PUFF of WIND when physical laws are constant.
Common LAW is for the COMMON GOOD of the PEOPLE and so they use/abuse it to FINE YOU.

Statute LAW in the RAW by "IDENTIFICATION LINE" you knows its YOU but remain silent?
Julian Assuage put the worlds leaders in the "IDENTIFICATION PARADE" who believes that?
Most cannot even begin to fathom the concept of a whistleblower dobbing people in.
Skeleton's in the closet and which one of YOU of US is not hiding some from ALL?

Inclusively is exclusively principles as maintained by protection of national borders.
In multiplication of entities that do not co-operate together I see Murphy's Law at work.
As complexity goes up on engineering project's the probability of mistakes increases.
Probability FACTORS into every decision ever made by anyone who whoever decided.

Now I AMMA seeing double over this fire hydrant sitting in one of local parks paradolia.
Looks like a monster from the orange lagoon brought up on sch-imp prawn cocktails.
The fact is BABY that one personalties comedy is more often than not ones tragedy.
Goodness knows OUR dollars spent on fire hydrant's at payment of assurances.

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