Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Looks and sounds can be deceptive. We know this since context and syntax in a sentence are controlled and do work when P implicates Q. What is predicated of the subject or what is it that belongs with the subject as the OBJECTIVE. While the study suggests that 83% of the wealth in the US of A's economy, as measured by Gee Dee Pee is concentrated in 1% of its members, it also means that 27% of the wealth so generated by the "TIME IS MONEY" equation is still held by the last remnants of the lower and middle classes represented as 99% of the POPULATION. That very long sentence is the CASE so questioned! What follows is a logical PROOF for which the EVIDENCE is readily APPARENT that which is AVAILABLE every time you buy or sell a thing or an idea one is either supplier of purchaser.

Percentage points are useful since no matter what the number is, a rough estimate means near enough is good enough. Percentage points establish a framework for unity. No matter how small or large the number is 1/100th of that number denotes the UNIT. That method is INFALLIBLE to the point that STATISTICAL DEPENDENCIES measure a population considered in the large as STATISTICAL INDEPENDENCES who are BELIEVED by the Measurer's to be telling the truth. Some PERVERSE STATISTICIAN'S only sample a population and ask QUESTION'S that will give them the Result's they want to BELIEVE in and PUT FORWARD to say CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES and the likes of HIGH COURT JUDGES. Dealing with BIAS FACTOR"S in a study of POPULATIONS begs the question in that: is there one honest man left on earth? In a world where there can be no trust placed in any other member is a good definition for HELL ON EARTH!

The study suggests that the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few tends to isolate them from their others. We speak here of dependencies and independences in relation to organization of capital works programs. A subject that like a suitcase needs to packed for a journey needs to be unpacked on arrival at its destination but not before you have a shower. In the case is the Anglo British alliance. Colonization is an abstract word denoting that class of members who are guilty of forming raiding parties on the other nations for the purpose of extracting spices and other resources that can be sold at home for greatly increased prices. The racket otherwise labeled as profiteering is alive and well with the carpetbagger salesman in public view, in the pink, in the hotel room reading propaganda on the television staring and remotely controlling persoanlty behaviors. Your perceptions or perceived outcomes were sold to you on television and radio trans missions.

In the case now is labor or time spent at work for a dollar per hour overseas and ten dollars per hour at HOME in ROME. These conditions applied during our COMMON ERA. When will they ever learn that a green field is not a good place to put up a cold steel rail? Grass grows on both sides of the fence it does not see the BOUNDARIES the BOUNDERS have FORMED neither do birds and fish, cockroaches and rats and artists and poets.

That is the ACTUALITY and the POTENTIAL of that set of CONDITIONS which denotes UNCERTAINTY in the outcomes so generated meaning our knowledge of systematic functions is INCOMPLETE. Unsustainability is the issue with a tissue one path leads to nowhere-land the other leads to chaos-land so stuck here with you sunshine between the razor wire and the gate and the guard has lost the key to the tool-room where the bolt-cutters are stashed.

Whether we like the idea or not Bateson's study of double binds is to this day underfunded: CATCH 22 not Mila 18 or Sophie's choice. No one has been game to go out on the limb and cut himself from off the tree. The study would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone is MADDER than CUT SNAKES. Schizophrenia is the state of a false system of beliefs and these results are proved and reproved over and over again to be the case. If the experimental conditions cannot be replicated then it is the pot who is calling the kettle over the fire black and vice versa. What I mean by that is who is not inside that system especially when they is us, who cast a vote for that system by giving them, the powers that be, THE VOW of allegiance. Hence the notion of trust has been betrayed by the very members of any community forming a social democratic order, for to give power to the people is the biggest lie ever witnessed.

The people put that power into the hands of a few dictators who subsumed the wealth so generated by the common heard into their list of PRIVATE ASSET'S. Then they the OWNER"S of the asset's on their left hand measure out the distribution of the PROFITEERING to the SHAREHOLDER'S whose interest is SUBSUMED into their being the Stakeholders after paying for the EXPENSE'S on the other hand of MATERIAL"S from other SUPPLIER"S OF RAW MATERIAL"S for MANUFACTURE Plus the twinky on that hand is the COST of supporting the EMPLOYEE'S or the LABOR MARKET.

Where did the CUSTOMER of the Good's and SERVICES provided ever get to have a say in that process? To IGNORE the CUSTOMER is FINANCIAL SUICIDE. An experiment that is in PROGRESS around all MEMBERS of EARTH every moment that they LIVE IN! Sorry folk's but we are all customers since we have all been sold something by someone the question still is not answered as to why it so that man exploit's man to his own injury.

I rest my case and leave the JURY to retire with their VERDICT. The JUDGE will recall the COURT for SENTENCING INSTRUCTIONS at a future date to be specified.


P.S. Apologies in advance if their is a step in the process, that by my prejudice I have ignored. A system without a feedback loop is doomed to go out of control or into nothing, that is the tightrope or the razor blade that historians know they walk on, like slugs they do not get cut, their slime protects them. Sorry that I could not put that very detailed and complex account into fewer words. Soil, water, air and sunlight are things we all have in common, no boundary fence line is there? Those items in the shopping cart all came from that source and they remain the most valuable commodities on earth. We all own them not some of US.

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