Thursday, December 23, 2010


Whatever eschaton, metatron ether agnostics atheists and anaesthetics are a form of aesthetics nominally.
The platonic solids are not going to disappear nor are properties of truncation and staration in geometry.
Free to will are we if so then it logically follows that each entity so created reaps what was sown sensually.
The three phases of action when we are dealing with mere fragments of energetic information metrically.
The seed sown on sandy soil, rocky soil or good soil in relation too the quality of endurance is self control.
Of in determination and incomplete knowledge of outcomes generated by libel suits in law courts very evil.
Over the RIGHT TO OWN a property so an agrarian culture assumes right’s over hunter gatherer’s on patrol.
The word is a label to identify an object in the concrete sense with objective abstractive senses like weevil.
Society exists for that purpose since political domain is a religious domain for both entail a systemic belief.
Belief is knowledge of fact when compared and contrasted to reality which one proves to be most reliable.
Present political systems make promises not kept and henceforth assumed as incomplete which is no relief.
For a LAW to be MADE the LAW must be enforceable, politicians use police  and so a police state is suable.
The inverse of that evil state is for all members to govern themselves by restraint in  passions for pleasure.
Distributive justice demands that which is proportionate to ones labours, ones pains to find that treasure.

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