Friday, December 24, 2010

Dig IT all?

Aestival solstice, Lunar Eclipse and 20101221 if so then what is your MIND, HEART and SOUL in sold?
On the 24th of December 2010 my age is 57 Year old Caucasian male within my skin’s estate of age .
That means 57 journeys around the sun then how many times did the moon go around me so bold?
Single point perspective planar relative to event horizons divided plane E.T. onto grid to grill my rage

BAR B Q this pawn and season with months, weeks, days and hours, minutes, seconds and degrees of arc.
Hours minutes seconds of arc measure Tan, Cotan, Sine,Cosine, Invert, Revert whose first, watt’s on second.
Equality is proportional to strangers shattered lenticular teardrops past 684 Moonrises sold for a car park.
But wait a minute I my little eye and me grow older by the day, hour, minute and second by a nanosecond.

2974.4 weeks old on 20101222 and today a mere two sunrise sunsets later to hear a word GOD FOCKER.
On the MOVIE SHOW after 20823 sunrises and 20822 sunsets stuck between know, no o in count with you.
As from 24 December day Two Thousand and Ten Years after Jesus Birth flying friendships made by FOCKER?
Jesus was born at the equinox not the solstice you are 3 months too late for that name day is black and blue.

Suggest you read Ecclesiastes chapter seven verse one relative to name values shake a spear at the rose!
And not just that but Lune articular months are 29. something or rather immeasurably  irrationally long.
Same for tropical years, wonder what kind of year it is so do not know I AM ignorant to origin of so and so’s.
Tropic from Latin “to turn” so sun turns from crabs round  goats stumbling over roam on roads to iTunes song. 

Cancerous Crabs to Capri horny Goats, Old Zodiac oceanic hole decay sinking life raft, outboard’s carked it.
Cancerous crabby in humane family on telomeres DNA twisted bindings atomic geometry so very spiritual.
Capri and capricious like old Tiberius attentions to orgies on Isle of Capri forgetting Nephew Nero’s o’ nit.
Who wants that seat in senate chamber so only his rules apply to clean city of atheist Christians evil ritual.

Who do not bow down to GOD’S ROMAN PANTHEON, what has changed these past two thousand years?
Eyes they have and cannot see, ears they have and cannot hear so ends the book of ACTS of the APOSTLES.
Food for wolves, sheep, soldiers national armies another civil war “LEST WE FORGET” Kali’s City Sheba beers
Just thought’s about some feelings after selfish study of law and lawlessness: sin’s 100% success rate rustles.

Aesthetics is just the mere study of the senses in relation to the judgments if so then what is faith put in?
Demon state riots terror blasts, rabid machine gun fire, body parts for sale in supermarket’s going cheap.
Soul that sins dies so no one may see GOD while it is so that they live in finale’s shameless days sin bin.
Well, welcome to JESUS SURROGATE BIRTHDAY, one they had when could have no other, makes one weep.

Deciphering  Samson riddles, dead lion’s rib’s sheltering bees making honey from decaying carcass of strife.
“DO NOT BE VIOLENT” in Jonah’s whale of a time vomit on the beach off to Babylon's capital, telling tales
JOB”S TESTED INTEGRITY third degree burns rub’s good and bad cop case scenarios GO-S play’s dice in life?
Escaped by skin of teeth, if time is money then money is time else is identified attributions man ales sails.

Hero’s thousand’s of FACES ALL with underwear inside out over health is wealth halting problem’s: Turing.
Laws of thermodynamics and entropy of relationships with energy never able to be created nor destroyed.
Materialism is  yeh, yeh, yeh she loves your cathode ray tube riding propaganda’s wave machine of surfing.
Wipe-out, GAG, GASP, fair air play, lights, tunnels of love, fare paid passengers, patients via JESUS buoyed.

Ten commandments lonely child counts them out on fingers one to ten with  five on each left and right,
Reduced from love of GOD to Neighbour from zero point’s other gravitas by a total stranger an alien tall.
One law for all not some men, women and children for every one of us prove to be each a relative to light.
All not some have two parents with four with eight doubling’s way thus binary numbers are good, dig it all!

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