Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rocket Science

The ether is where we live. Atom is energy. Atom is field. Field is energy.
It concerns me not where we come from nor where we go to this moment.
We may form an analogy by making comparison, what if we are in a television?
Life is the MOVIE and endless scenes are replicated via diversity of intentions.
The broad and spacious path that leads to destruction is paved with the bones of the dead.
So we live in a perpetual experiment with the creators of that volume in control?
Proof: IS all around all things in all moments while those things are aware of threats.
We speak of plots, actors, stages and the theater is every single room with a view.
Reality Television on the scale of ONE for as soon as you can have one two exists.
This is better than nothing and so any number of things are possible uncountable.

Memory: At present memory is reliant on the attentions paid to the subject.
The urge to think our own thoughts as opposed to think about the others thoughts.
That is LISTENING which is merely wanting to hear and understand the author.
The fact is that for INFORMATION to exist, it in itself is a form of encoding.
Synonyms are words that are used by PARTIES to encode systems of BELIEF.
Naming conventions are that kind, that form of encoding know as linguistics.
Anthropologically speaking the language group sets that party apart from other parties.
Party of the third, second and first part in each and every LEGAL CASE.
Family relationships therefore are a LEGAL CASE and that is a good place to begin.

New DIMENSIONS states Its all alive ......Its all relatives" The narrow way informs agreement.
I.E. = FOR EXAMPLE in one sense INFORMATION ENERGY in another sense.
Examples of good and bad behaviors are all around all members of earth at all times.
Egotistic practice verses altruistic practice and the account books must be balanced.
Self interest opposed to public interest networks and six degrees of separation.
That is so the foundation of network theory is so like a packet switching network.
We stop at the red light we watch out for objects in the path that are possible threats.
As to whether that method is the most efficient depends upon whether the state is gridlocked.
The more cars on the road the narrower the streets the more probability of gridlock.
The law of large numbers and control of large numbers of people is only possible if they co-opt.
That means that each one is responsible for the outcomes so generated by their actions of impulse or will.
In other words SELF CONTROL is from INFORMATION concerning positive or negative outcomes.

We are going nowhere till all members of a community gain self control sorry.
All I know is that there is a government that will never be brought to ruin.
Where no body does any harm on the holy mountain of consciousness in CHRIST.
He is the ONLY LEADER and no GOVERNMENT ON EARTH is not responsible to HIM.

The INFORMATION in a demon-saturation shows clearly which path is viable.
In an economy their is a trade of time of my time for your time and an exchange of property.
Food, clothing, shelter, transport and communication sum up all of man's activity.
I manufacture an object and use my god given energy in exchange for your god given energy.
Some slackers want it for free do not desire to do work with their hands and produce.
Others desire a quick profit so they can lie down by the pool with their girlfriends.
Whatever there are many ways time can be used/abused planned obsolescence is bad.
The thing has to be made over and over again and the material continually recycled.
Better to make it right the first time, waste management cycles then requires less labor.
Less opportunity for errors of judgment and forgetfulness to leave blood stains on the floor.
The PROJECT as I read it is to turn the earth into a paradise garden to subdue the wilderness.
Time goes one way it is a one way street from our viewpoint only the creator can change that.
Perhaps he has a remote control with fast forward and rewind switches.
All I know is that it as a vast memorial tomb at present that we are mostly in the dark over.

Sorry this rant was so long.

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