Thursday, December 6, 2012


Qualia is the collective noun for the singular quale, never heard of it? "Much of the debate over their importance hinges on the definition of the term that is used, as various philosophers emphasize or deny the existence of certain features of qualia. As such, the nature and existence of qualia are controversial." When all of the above qualities are to be measured what unit name, what form, what kind is it that can be added to, subtracted from, multiplied and divided, squared, exponentiated and square rooted? Such qualities are not measurable except by the feelings they produce. That made me feel good, but that made my competitor feel bad, he lost the race, lost the contract or lost the war by losing his life, lest we forget. People so it appears measure things not by what you did but how you made them feel. One mans poison is an others win gin. Red sky in the morning, evening or weather events articulate the sort, the kind or the form of the day one is going to have on the sea. Stars speak a language that is unspeakable, a portable spectrophotometer reveals it to be all as bar code information. A subject where the object of it entails usage of all of the above qualities or attitudes to realize, one where the subject is corrupted one hundred percent since the objective taught in the educational institutions is how can I turn that into money, get a job and make a living from it and turn it into mere dollars by trading my time. How civic minded is that? Where did community spirit disappear too? When was the last time a stranger said hello and the first thought you had was what does he want from me, cold call canvassing and face book ads come to mind. The level of accusation on the street makes me feel intensely sad. So I study superior orders, the Nuremberg defense and why was Sophie forced into such a diabolical situation by the border guard to have been forced into a situation where a terrible choice had to be made. Which child will I leave behind? Reduced to being an asylum seeker in the streets of the land I grew up in. Put yourself in the shoes of the victim and then one begins to understand. Watch everything you treasured go down with the gurgles in a street culvert and find the resilience to begin the beguine again.

Border control points the path to the front door and the sign on the letterbox" Trespassers prosecuted" or "Trespassers shot on sight" I was under orders to protect my property, wife and children from the axeman at the front door in philosophy 101. Phil Dowe said "Poor YOU" and the reply wished for but failed to surface at that time? We are all our brothers keepers! Moral dilemma of troop morale! Absolute confusion. Mayhem on the streets and why? Art in articles? Creation v Evolution? Santa Claus is REAL? How come then, we do not shoot him as an unwelcome trespasser? OR do we really want him to give us the plans for his anti gravity engine ( who would not want a flying car?) that allows him and his reign dears to fly us past the red light cameras all the way to the shops where behind the doors are workers in sweatshops in third world countries sweating away for YOU with all the "GOODS" on display to tempt you when Jesus birthday was three months ago? Slave drivers cruel Masters and Mistresses all of YOU! So we compromised our position did we so we fib to the children "BE GOOD" and teach them to LIE through the LIE! Mining rights of miners to refine metal from earth, coal and oil and gas from earth to drive the car to work and credit Santa Claus on Xmas day with the power to put the gift beneath the tree,,,, not YOU and never a mention of the elves that put all the tiny little insy tinsy black boxes together, like who are Archimedes, Newton, Hamilton, Maxwell, Gauss,  Planck and brothers whose names not mentioned please excuse me, who were they to Nikola Tesla and alternating current? No mention made of them at all and they were the founders of the system: how sad. And which part of squash and tomato did you fail to comprehend as they pelted them at at you in governments stocks and bonds when the property price bubble burst? I cannot tell you, it is up to you to work it out for yourself. All I am permitted to do is remind you of the obligation one has to ones others, ones neighbours both near and far. Hence given like a chess problem. White mates black in two moves, a list of options that only a grand master can solve. The law of consequence of action says forgive us our trespassers so do you forgive mine? Thanks for all the roads, thanks for all the electricity, thanks for all the water supply, thanks for all the sewerage systems, its all great when they do not spring a leak. Resonant frequencies and what do we know of that and how they relate to the upper and lower boundaries of the magnetosphere? The trespasser is the government you voted for the axeman at your door! How are you to protect your property, wife and children from them if and when they should decide to change the law?

RIP George Carlin


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