Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kerguelen Island


Is, Is not, Is, Is not, Ad Infinitum, Proof disproof, sheep heads banging goats heads soup. Repeated over and over. Ignoratio Elenchi not since all fallacious logic boils down to that! Information Theory, Shannon Entropy, i^2=j^2=k^2=ijk=-1, disprove that! God IS GOD! ALL IS ENERGY! JAH IS JAH! Law of identity! x is y when y is x. yes. Tree of man is composed of seeds of pairs of seeds of fabulous variation. Undeniable it is that power to move ones will to reproduce kind within kind ad infinitum. That constructs protein factories reverse engineered via x-ray visionary nietzsche-arian uberman's deconstuctionistic post modern historicity unfolded space with times co-ordinates, de-classified secret documents mysteriously revealed thus revelled with times origins. Covetnot thy neighbors properties see the cause of war. Your original in you own way! One over any number divides the lot into infinitesimals all of you are animated dust from star stuff generated in some unknown supernova. 3 times the radius of a circle squared is sufficiently accurate to know approximately to within 1/10 + 4/100th + 1/1000 + 5/10.000 + 9/100.000 th, as if you own, that is possess, such an especially fine pen, ruler and saw to cut that close, to construct one more insy tinsy teeny weeny bit of polka off that microdot on an Ayatollahs wifes bikini, square the circles area with a Mercator. When you learn to program DNA does mean that your A GOD? Hope that does not fail just like that ancient experiment with the hydrogen form of tritium come lithium 7 come lithium 6 bombs deadline at Bikini Atoll. Thankfully Kerguelen Island was spared that splendid misery of being one more desultory fact in JFK's biography. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

Of Elephants mice and men My Word and Dennis Norton! Aleph zero to eight in an ARK for pissed off ants to consummate. Mobius s-trip of M.C. Escher's Lobachevsky Space, persistence of memory rave about Dr Dali ambled rambled on. About nothing but a Rumble in the Jungle, Frazier verses Ali. "Chant" graffiti name in lights on showgrounds Ferris Wheel. Spinning grinning winning clowns pop up toasters are pop art to some. Repair the gap between the salutary leanings of lawyers for the defence and prosecution like lemmings. Please explain like Pauline in her handsome cab why it's so that little johnny lies when caught red handed stealing cookies from the cookie jar? n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

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