Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post operative finance available, enquire within.

Judging is a rather peculiar activity. My little experience with it was in the Tasmanian chapter of the A.I.P.P. where it was automatically assumed by the constituents of the club that all the members were competent practitioners or camera men or technically competent. That domain of influences is from the EQUIVALENT domain of influences that is "THE ART WORLD" .  The amateur or lover of the photographic arts borrows from the same tradition that the professionals do, which is what I meant to say. The f-stop system cannot be changed. The period doubling system works for both types of operators in their aspirations to be classified as artists. There is one other school of thought to be considered as has been justly noted in the two previous sentences, which is to say hold down the button of technical competence, which is also a necessary prerequisite to the cut to the chase with artistic competence, both of which are extensions, from and in constant use, via the pathway called scientific knowledge, that enabled the process in the first place. If it were not possible to measure accurately the amount of light falling onto the exposure plane then no picture perfect re-representation of the object/movement/subject before the lens.

I heard said once that art follows the times fashions or the fashions of the times as a paraphrase of what I heard. The camera as a tool is quicker than a gunslinger at the OK Corral, since at the speed of light, with which it draws, beats them to the draw, if you have a motor wind. Tombstones framed for the participants in the game to retrieve lost moments of time that disappear like tears into the rain soaked ground after a storm into grave, now retrievable picture graphs: beings resurrected again time after time for future reference. That is me in the picture, that is me in the spotlight or what I looked like at that time in that place by that photographer writing my record onto film or into a set of 0's or 1's into a nand gate flash memory card. Well I did attend Art School and promptly was tossed out for my troubling with their concept of plagiarism. Ahha another Photoshop surrealistic vision, another bit of a quantum leap of faith for visual clarity of the concepts, Micky Mouse imagineers, I say to myself. How and why did Art School jump into the ideology contained in photographic judgment and then into photographic paradoxical commentaries like plagiarism? Whoops my obsessive compulsive disorder is on the rake again to clear the ground of obstacles like trees, branches, roots and leaves. Ambition to do that task with a simple garden rake is called: over extension. Who says a photo is art?

The buyer or the seller, well yes, but only by agreement and then their is the agent who stands in place as salesman or commissioned agent of the seller who stands to rake in their commission, who will not talk the object d'arte down? That is, unless of course the agent thinks he/she can sell another work by a so called more reputable, more popular artist for a higher price and collect a bigger paycheck as a result. So much for value judgements then by fashion-is-tar-baby's not an honest, time person of the year amongst them. At least that is what I note occurs at the high society end of the Art World. Basically it is all just gossip.

The other end or the bottom of the market is driven by an entirely different attitude. It is still me in the picture of course but not necessarily the same view of the Art World's description of me, since a true artist knows how to draw out personality and is good as choosing victims who match their style. The price of the picture of me taken by me and that looks like me so it must be me is a sort of narcissism in the extreme which is not dissimilar to the view of his/her self in the lake as a mirror not being able to move, since worship of self becomes all the more important as one walks writhing like a snake in the street, as a gallery object, in open space, on public view. Not such a pretty painted picture either is it? That sentence is still but a part of the picture, for then comes, friends and families objections in likes or dislikes in relation to their tastes. That area is as cloudy as a goldfish bowl filled with sewage and poor old Goldy the bride goldfish asphyxiated on the top. Sorry having a bad hair day, that static electricity from the trampoline has ruined my hair, bit frazzled by that bolt of lightening that jumped three feet to the ground.

Well there you have my judgements toward the community of photographers from the single viewpoint of this amateur aesthetician's study of the beauty industry. "All is vanity" the one obligation of mankind is to fear that is respect the true God, Jesus father in heavens command to not make idols of yourselves or any created entity, just imagine for an instant how much personal grief that would save you from as a slave to the authority of the fashions of the times. In the first part the authority of the sales man of the artwork and the second the authority of the camera salesman both entailed within your self opinion beneath this surgeons scalpel. Apologies if you are feeling a little cut up. Take two aspirin every four hours till the pain disappears, hope your worry disappears real soon. 

For what we deal with here is vagueness of terms and terminologies. Their is in each and every transaction the sellar and the buyer. For that duality not to exist there then is no trade agreement possible. But that which is sold and that which is brought are different points of view of a single or collective item. Thus in say for the purposes of say as say is said, a seed one owns in the form of a tomato, one tomato is also equal to a limited shelf life. The seeds within the package of skin that changes colour from green as not ripe to yellow/orange/red and smooth denote ripeness. Brown rough dry past the use by date, put into ground water and in a few months more new tomatos. Repeat cycle ad infinitum. What is the problem there? One seed is a heap. One seed is as vague as the coded information as the code is ever changing? Variation and variety of the types of tomato the shape the color the texture ripeness etc etc denote qualities that make the food either suitable for eating or not suitable for eating within a narrow time band. Preservation by canning processes merely extend the use by date.

What constitutes a heap? Few people are aware of vagaries existent in use of simple common words like seed. Solution to problem in/of expressive cloudiness is in your hands. This week, city-zen-ree of Australia received one special treat.  The Macquarie Dictionary revised the definition of that ideology misogyny with a class member of that school as a misogynist. Where does the heap begin?

Alien, stranger, danger, ABDUCTIONS, get real, Eagles, Last Resort, "We have GOT TO make it here!" How strange or alien are we to each other within and without personal experience of one seed and variations of it planted in the earth and the sea and the sky? "Joseph Campbell was saying the same thing, but since he was a white male professor, we say it is profound. Sun Ra had the same message, and created beautiful music, but we call him "crazy".

Dear mankind, This week Red Bull promoted the dropping of a man from near to ONLY 40K's in space. Another school of thinking promoted the silencing of a critic of its ideology. Yours,  a footsoldier of Epistimology

The vagaries of vagrants who assume the name of LORD. Who stand in place, then make demands of ones time and substance of work as duty for their goods, their services as rendered and payment's due. The tax, land, bank and rank LORD, demand of the gentle man and his gentle lady to pay the bill that is due or off to debtors prison in relatively recent history one is carried by the bill or the constabulary better known as the police the enforcers of the legislation's as passed by the politicians in the many common houses where the peoples on that land have placed their trust and found just rust. Kings and Queens, el Presidente, General or whatever's set is a presedent, man LORDS it over his fellow man to his own personal injury, whatever they are called they demand a payment, from shop keeper to waiter, waiting for a tip, even if the meal in the restaurant, and service was not up to the standards expected. Trusty hero or trusty heroine of the quest asks, why LORDS IN GRAND HOUSES threaten eviction of their TENANT GENTLE FARMERS AND THEIR GENTLE WIVES AND CHILDREN who have served them faithfully for a pitance of an income where mostly they had to starve themselves because they could not let the children go without. So gentle lords and gentle ladies being served upon at the restaurant at the end of the universal dinner table where is the mercy that you have shown, place you in relation to that event where the real LORD OF THE HOLY HOST IS NOW. Yes life is a melodrama gentle men and gentle ladies are too few, for those who stand against the status quo, the stiff necked, the hard hearted, those lords in their glass castles throwing stones, and hanging ropes from the poplar tree are as guilty as the sins passed on down as an an inheritance from their fathers. Repent said John the baptist 2000 odd years ago and what was his reward? Served as a meal at Herod's dinner table. We have not learned very much since then as yet.


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