Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outrage + Controversy = Massive Traffic

artwombat writes
Ah Peat, therein lies the problem.
You are not writing to your readership, you are writing to your ego.
Hence your readers are revolting. (in a nice way).

Cheers Col

Peat said:I agree with you Col and so does the Wizard of Id and especially the King of Id.

I.E. What constitutes a heap? Few people are aware of vagaries existent in use of simple common words like seed. Solution to problem in/of expressive cloudiness is in your hands. This week, city-zen-ree of Australia received one special treat. The Macquarie Dictionary revised the definition of that ideology misogyny with a class member of that school as a misogynist. Where does that heap begin?

I say 1 in that one is as divisible as it is multi-pliable by the formula n/N x N/n=1 whereby with any pair of numbers the inverted proportion of that pair, do those who realise the importance of this evidence to there being as tabled, then know that for any number multiplied there is also its value divided. So as a case example we will input the first two numerical values. 1/2 x 2/1 =1 in all numerical cases with real integers and decimal fractions the answer is true. pi/phi x phi/pi = 1. E/m x m/E = 1 and add infinitum.

Outrage + Controversy = Massive Traffic 

The only exception to the rule is 0 since 1/0 x 0/1 =0 Which pretty much explains digital at work. There are only two possible states with a switch on and off. Multiply the number of switches and that explains binary code as a memory address. Large numbers of exceedingly trivial steps perform their duty in that black box before you. Factors multiply beyond possible recognition when that black box is you yourself with 100 trillion cells standing by on duty in your body constantly serving you.

n-joy=peat the peasant present pheasant in the baby carriage in Roald Dahl's funny book .,_the_Champion_of_the_World


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