Monday, October 15, 2012

On Originality

That metaphor popularly labelled the big bang theory and offshoots of it like the television program with its rather comic hero Sheldon as an a priory or ontological argument for origin of the cosmos and Darwinian Evolution as the Origin of LIFE for starters. Thank you Sunny Jackson for opening up with that question. In other words how come they know so much when the only object/subject ever present is the here and the now flowing like slugs over the razor blade of time verbally speaking that is. The attempt to rewrite history on the part of man is in each cult-ure present on earth to-day. From Cath-o-holics to all the sects of it in the Protest-o-holics to Islam-o-holics to Budda-o-holics to Crypt-o-holics decoding enigma machines you name it and there it is another theory of origin which some conspiracy theorist has thought of as a possibility. Ever heard of the S.E.T.I. Project and H.A.A.R.P.? When Genesis or One will do since it's seven days of creation fit perfectly into the fossil record from which mining magnates presently draw from, to originate enormous salaries which we the users of the products manufactured are the paying customers or the originators of their wealth. WELL WELL and SWELL at least in the domain called economics. Perhaps one could for argument sake not buy the products manufactured, cars, washing machines, fridges, tv's, microwaves, computers, cameras and barbie and ken doll dream houses sold to us by the originators of advertising propaganda. To not give mention to laws and the originators of them could be called a failure, but then success of prescriptions made for and on behalf of pharmaceutical companies synthetically modelling original molecules, what has this to do with economics and the origins of money? Forgive me if there is a base whose origin I have not mentioned as being covered, at least as yet. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

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